Jamdani: The legend and the legacy


Jamdani-The Legend+the Legacy-Ruby Ghuznavi_Nov04

Although Bangladesh is a young country the history of its textile traditions goes back to antiquity. Early centres of cotton manufacture in the Indian subcontinent led the way to this craft being introduced to Persia, Egypt and later, to Europe. The madder dyed fragment of cotton and the textile related tools like spindle whorls and needles, excavated at Mohenjodaro and dated from the third millenium B.C., bears testimony to its ancient history. An indigenous variety of cotton seed also discovered at the time was the type that required long periods of cultivation (Gossypium arboreum) and it was not till the sixth and seventh century when short term cultivation cotton was discovered (Gossypium herbaceum) that cotton spread out of India to other regions of the world.

Written by  Sayyada   R   Ghuznavi


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