Farmer Fights Monsanto and Wins



Canadian canola farmer, Percy Schmeiser, was sued by Monsanto for patent infringement in 1998, after his fields were found to contain Monsanto’s patented GM canola. But rather than accepting Monsanto’s bullying ways, he decided to fight back—and won. In March 2008, Monsanto agreed to pay for cleanup costs. Since then, Schmeiser’s fight for farmer’s rights has been featured in a documentary film, “David versus Monsanto.”

  • ShahidHussainShamim, says the People’s Caravan is animpotant event for supporting and mobilisingresistence by farmers, consumers and the community to the threats posed by the dominance and control of transnational corporations (TNCs) of our land, food and livelihoods.Percy Schmeiser is here “To share my views of how my field was contaminated with genetically altered Roundup Ready canola against my knowledge and wishes. This has destroyed my seeds which I have been developing for over fifty years. What I want to say to farmers all over Asia is that they should never ever sign any contract that takes away their right to use their own seeds. If they give up this right they are basically losing their freedom. Anyone who controls the seed supply will also control the food supply. This amounts to controlling a Nation.This is why it is so important that farmers always maintain their right to use their own seeds.”



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