Daylong or Overnight River Cruise


A daylong trip on the selection of four rivers: Shitolaukkha, Burigaunga,Paudda(Padma) or Meghna. Each river cruise offers a different glimpse on the lives on the riverbanks.

Shitolaukkha Cruise: Catch a glimpse of the lives of the Jamdani weavers and the Jomidaar (zamindar, landlord) residence.

Burigaunga Cruise: Get out of the intricate web called Dhaka and experience the city from its perimeter.

Paudda Cruise: Experience the lives of the fishermen and the potters. On this cruise, you are invited to take a dip in the clean water.

Meghna Cruise: This is a cruise for the water-bug. Like Paudda, Meghna is clean and ready for a refreshing dip. Sample the life on the boat by renting a baujra- a majestic boat that once housed the jomidaars and the poets. Shaped like a peacock, the baujra is outfitted with complete amenities for a comfortable overnight stay. Try your hand at fishing and have a gastronomical experience while enjoying the sundown and the sunrise on the water.



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