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A story is only as good as its narrator. And if you want to eavesdrop on the stories of the weavers and the craftsmen of Bangladesh, there is no better narrator than Shahid Hussain Shamim.

A seasoned fabric designer, Shahid Hussain Shamim is the director of the two-decades-old brand “Prabartana”, that is now an icon in the realm of fair trade, ethically produced artifacts. As the director, he has engaged in extensive research on handloom products, woven fabrics and the process ( his research on the relationship between the rhythm of the shuttle (“maku”), and the thickness and texture of the fabric, is notable).

As a researcher of local crafts, culture, and an established authority in the realm of woven textile and handloom products, Shamim has also served as the general secretary of National Crafts Council of Bangladesh (NCCB), as the director of ECOTA fair trade forum, as the director of Industry Skill Councils.

For years, he, along with his colleagues have been assisting fabric producers and organic farmers develop fair trade business. His relentless work with community oriented development has now encouraged his new venture- responsible tourism, that gives visitors an opportunity to learn about Bangladeshi crafts, culture and stories while involving the community in a holistic way.

If you want to skip being a tourist, and pick up the tempo of a traveler- you, my friend, are in the right hands.
Do not be shy to drop a line at , or give a call on +88-01711-520-605 about any questions, queries or concerns!

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