Daylong Village (Tangail) Tour


Located only at 100 km away from Dhaka, this daylong trip to Tangail takes you to the vein of the country. Learn about the traditional seed keeping system, an Ubinig initiative. Get a peek inside an array of non-mechanized, human powered, zero waste mechanisms of food processing; like the process of mustard oil extraction, pedal-powered rice breaking and sand-sizzled puffed rice (muri) making. Observe the creation of Jacquard pattern through ‘punching card’ (don’t know what that is? you’re a prime candidate for this trip then!), and learn about the history and the heritage of some of the last traditional reed makers left in the country. You are also welcomed to buy, some of the handmade gems, directly from the weavers and makers.

If you are a group of minimum 5 people, with an additional taka 8000, you could attend an informative session on natural dyeing and learn the mystery of a variety of dye production, with only 3 core ingredients (hint:indigo blue, onion skin and horitoki)!


A cultural program performed by the local farmers and weavers wrap up the day in a unique note, crafted by Tangail itself.

Get acquainted with Tangail with YouTube video “Untangling Tangail”, and Tumbler blog “Tangail Buti”


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